Indoor Escapes in Greater Wausau for a Cozy Winter Adventure


As the winter wind howls and snow blankets the ground around Greater Wausau, there's still plenty to explore within the warmth and charm indoors. Whether you're a family with energetic kids, a solo adventurer seeking solitude, or a sports enthusiast, Greater Wausau has many indoor activities to keep you entertained, well-fed, and cozy during blustery winter days.


Family Fun:

Strike Up Family Fun: 

Bowling Alley

Bring the family together for a classic and wholesome activity at Dale's Weston Lanes. Featuring 60 bowling lanes, 8 billiards tables, an arcade and more, this entertainment facility will keep you having fun for hours. 

Wausau Children's Imaginarium:

Children's Imaginarium Rendering

Spark your child's creativity with interactive and hands-on activities, where learning becomes a playful adventure. This indoor experience blends education and entertainment, nurturing young minds through the magic of imagination (Children's Imaginarium Opening in Mid-November).

Glide across the rink:

Kids Indoor Ice Skating

Glide, twirl, and spin across the ice at one of the local indoor ice skating rinks. Whether you're a seasoned skater or a beginner, it's a delightful way to embrace the season's magic.


Adventurous Escapes:

Unleash your inner Detective:

Family at Escape Room

Test your wits and teamwork skills at Escape Room Wausau. It's a thrilling indoor adventure suitable for friends, couples, or anyone seeking a challenge.

Navigate the Neon-lit Battleground:

Laser Tag

Dive into the excitement of laser tag at Wausau on the Water. Perfect for groups of friends or those with a competitive spirit, it's a high-energy indoor activity that adds a futuristic twist to your winter escapades.

Root for the Home Ice Team:

Wausau Cyclones Game

Feel the adrenaline as you cheer on the local team at a Cyclones game. The lively atmosphere and passionate fans make it a must-attend event for sports enthusiasts looking for an indoor winter thrill.


After all your adventures commence, head to one of our many culinary delights offering warmth and comfort on chilly winter days. 


Cozy Eateries Serving Comfort Food:

The Mint Cafe:

Mint Cafe

Warm up with a cup of hot cocoa or indulge in a hearty brunch at The Mint Cafe. The cozy atmosphere and delicious menu make it a favorite spot for locals, and their coffee is sure to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

Brews Brothers:

Brews Brothers in Weston, WI

Head to Brews Brothers in Weston for a relaxed, contemporary eatery serving creative burgers & pub grub, plus craft beer & wine. 

The Great Dane:

Great Dane

Known for its inviting atmosphere and diverse menu, this culinary gem (the Great Dane) offers comfort food classics with a touch of Wisconsin charm. It is the perfect refuge for those seeking a cozy dining experience during chilly winter days. 


Places to Stay:

Jefferson Street Inn:

DTN - HI - Places to Stay - Jefferson Street Inn & Event Space

Treat yourself to a luxurious stay at Jefferson Street Inn. With spacious rooms, modern amenities, and a central location, it's the ideal home away from home during your winter retreat.

Stewart Inn:

DTN - PPS - Home Page - Stewart Inn

For a historic and charming lodging experience, check in at the Stewart Inn. The carefully preserved Victorian-era ambiance creates a unique and cozy retreat, perfect for ending your winter day on a delightful note.


Winter in Greater Wausau isn't just about braving the cold—it's about embracing the warmth and charm that the indoors offer. From family-friendly activities to adventurous escapes, delightful dining, winter sports, and comfortable stays, there's a winter experience for everyone. So, bundle up and dive into the heart of winter coziness in this enchanting Wisconsin destination.