Badger State Games Sports Commissioner Profile

Profile #1

Thursday, December 22,

Meet Andrea & Paula,
the 2023 Badger State Winter Games Pickleball Commissioners.

Let’s get to know Andrea & Paula:

Andrea: I own my own Pickleball merchandise business, Sweet Spot Pickleball, I teach Pickleball for 
the YMCA and Park and Rec department, and substitute teach in the DC Everest district. I taught PE 
and Health education for 10 years. I am married to Kevin and have 3 children. 1 big and 2 littles.

How many years as Commissioner: This is my first year as Commissioner or the Winter Games 
Pickleball and I’m really excited about having Pickleball in Wausau.

Hobbies: I regularly play Tennis & Pickleball and I’m also a District Ambassador for the State of 
Wisconsin for USA Pickleball. I also knit, sew, bake, and dabble in other crafts.

Why are you a Commissioner for BSG Pickleball: I have competed in several BSG Pickleball events and 
have been trying to get the event in Wausau at the Tennis Center for a few years. With the help of 
my co-commissioner Paula, it’s really happening. We are excited for the future of Pickleball in 

Favorite Memory: I don’t like choosing favorites but certainly the birth of my children ranks 
pretty high as does my sledding wedding from New Year’s Eve almost 12 years ago.

If you could travel anywhere & if you won the lottery:
I have a list but right now Portugal. I would also love to get back to Poland. I did a semester 
abroad while in college and would again love to go back. I would make a dedicated indoor pickleball 
facility with real hard-court surface and multiple courts so I could teach, run rec programs, and 
host tournaments.

Paula: I work with my daughter in her photography business Voss Studio as her studio 
manager/assistant or as she likes to call me her Mom-ager! My husband is Mark and we have twin 
daughters that are 31 and they are fully onboard with pickleball which makes for fun family 

How many years as Commissioner: This is my first year and I’m really excited about co-commissioner 
with Andrea and bringing Pickleball to the Wausau Tennis Center.

Hobbies: Tennis & Hiking are at the top of the list. Board games, Hallmark movies and puzzles are 
also a great way to spend a snowy Wisconsin day.

Why are you a Commissioner for BSG Pickleball: I played pickleball in BSG this past year and had a 
blast with my husband and daughter. As a tennis player for 20 years at Wausau Tennis Centre, we saw
a great opportunity to bring Winter BSG Pickleball to Wausau utilizing the indoor facility. We have 
a fun team we are working with so, why not.

Favorite Memory:
So many of my favorite memories seem to be based around family adventures. Let’s go with this one. 
Backpacking the 33 mile Chilkoot Trail which was the Gold Rush Trail in Alaska/Canada with our 9 
year old twins!

If you could travel anywhere & if you won the lottery:
Three places are on my bucket list right now. Bhutan, an African safari, and road tripping in a 
small RV to further explore our great spaces in the U.S. I am going to go big and say I won the BIG 
lottery. I would start a Foundation supporting all the things that are near and dear to my heart.

Winter Games Pickleball has moved to the Wausau Area and will take place for the first time ever at 
the Wausau Tennis Center on
February 10th – 12th, 2023

For details & to Register: games/winter-games/pickleball/