Wausau White Water Park is a unique and unforgettable place to check out on your next vacation to this part of Wisconsin! The beautiful town of Wausau is located on the Wisconsin River and therefore makes a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy getting out on the water. Here boating and kayaking is serious fun and a way of life. It is only natural that Wausau was one of the first American communities to adopt the Euopean style of modifying natural waterways to create a place for competitions to occur and people could hone their skills without having to travel far. The result us the incredible Wausau White Water Park.

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Visit Wausau White Water Park

Wausau White Water Park draws the worlds best professional kayakers to this impressive course that spans about a third of a mile long. Here you can be a spectator to some of the most exciting kayaking competitions, or get in the water yourself for a lesson or recreational time. The Wausau White Water Park began when a group of slalom enthusiasts got together in 1974 a made a course here. A visit her is an incredible way to get to know the locals and to understand what is a way of life for those who live in this lovely Wisconsin town. Here are 5 great reasons to check out the Wausau White Water Park this summer!

  1. From beginner level to advanced there are lessons available at the Wausau White Water Park for you to take advantage of. All summer long there are 3 levels of classes to learn basic techniques and work on advances skills. Level I is for those who always wanted to try whitewater kayaking where you’ll get an intro to many techniques. Level IIteaches the much sought after roll and expands on techniques from level I. Level IIIis advances river running from the top of the course down. Don’t miss an opportunity to learn these unique skills!

  2. At Wausau White Water Park there are competitive events at the local, national, and international level. Watch the Midwest Freestyle Championships or the whitewater downriver race as a part of the Iron Paddle weekend. Team River Runner is a special weekend set up for disabled veterans are invited to learn whitewater kayaking.

  3. Seeing the course at the Wausau White Water Park is a great reason to visit. It features a variety of drops and whitewater to flatwater areas So different parts are good for beginners and professionals. The course can be set up for both slalom and freestyle events. The main feature of the park is Big Drop. Here there is a wave competition called “ride the bull” held in the wave of Big Drop where each kayaker tries to ride the wave for 8 seconds.

  4. At Wausau White Water Park there is an occasional day or weekend throughout the summer when any paddler can use the course freely to practice skills from 10am to 4pm. This is called a Recreational Release and is a good way to get out on the water yourself or watch as kayakers hone their abilities.

  5. The location of the Wausau White Water Park makes it an easy accessible place to check out while you are downtown. Before or after you explore the park you could wander the downtown area stopping by Red Eye Brewing Company for a refreshing brew and a delicious meal.

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