Downtown Wausau is no stranger to public art. Our city is full of color thanks to a bevy of local artists over the years who have left their mark on everything from brick walls, parking ramps, alleys, to street corners. 

Aside from the great aesthetic these murals bring, public art pieces contribute to our city’s identity and are totally something to be proud of. 

We made a list of 10 larger murals throughout downtown and their locations, so you can admire them all for yourself. 

Cardinal Mural

  1. Cardinal – An homage to Wisconsin Winter (and snow) this piece is one of four seasonal bird murals. Appropriately located right behind Shepherd & Schaller’s in the alley off Fourth Street and painted by renowned local, Jessica Kopecky.  While you’re over there, don’t forget to pop into Wausau’s Museum of Contemporary Art. 


  1. Wings – Yes, Wausau has a pair of wings, the quintessential Instagram backdrop! You can spot this one right on the walls of La Prima Deli. This piece was painted by Hailey Rist and Jan Muetzel during Art Lives here, a street art competition in 2019. Perfect for a selfie.  


  1. Doves – This Summer-y mural can be found in the alley across from Intermission Bar. With a beautiful golden backdrop, sunflowers, and a delicate lace-like overlay, this piece from Stephanie Sladky is one to take note of.

    Wausau Mural on Building


  1. Wausau Pride – One of Wausau’s newest murals was painted in honor of Wausau’s first-ever Pride Festival! Stephani Kohli has contributed so many special artworks in the area, and this one held a special place in many community members' hearts. You can find this right on the HT Cobblery Building near the 400 Block. 

    Pride Mural on HT Cobbelry


  1. Rise Up, a local non-profit dedicated to creating community-driven and participatory art, are responsible for the next three murals on this list. These large-scale projects take a village to create; individuals, artists, other non-profit agencies, and more are involved in the process. Their first major installation is located along the Riverlife Trail on Wausau on the Water (WOW). Students in the EEA learning academy worked diligently on this gigantic mural!


  1. Another Rise Up installation is located on Scott Street, you really cannot miss it! This one, known as the Hope Project is inspiring and uplifting and took months of work and hours from artists and community members. 


  1. The most recent Rise Up Project, Healing Light, can be found on the wall of Whitewater Music Hall, a coffee shop and brewery on River Drive. This piece was completed in partnership with the Women’s Community.  


  1. Mallards – Spotting a beautiful mallard on the water never gets old. Kristy McCarthy translated that moment into a permanent piece right on Jefferson Street near the Jefferson Street Inn. You’ve got to see it for yourself, the colors are impeccable. 


  1. Wausau – Nothing says welcome to Wausau like this piece by Jessica Kopecky. Pro-tip, there are painted footprints to help guide you into the perfect spot for a selfie in front of this one. You can find this mural on Stewart Ave.

    Welcome Wausau Mural



  1. Vintage Cameo – right around the corner from the Wausau mural is another masterpiece by Jessica Kopecky. This one graces the wall of River District Antiques and captures the style of the year 1872, the year Wausau moved from a Village to a City.


There are a few hidden gems too. These covert murals are a little less obvious, creating a fun challenge to discover them all. We did a bit of work for you and uncovered clues to some of our favorite hidden murals. Up for the challenge? Grab a friend and go find them for yourself!


  1. Pay close attention next time you’re walking down Scott Street. There’s a magical literary mural by Stephanie Kohli tucked away in an alley. Conveniently located near Janke Book Store. 

    Janke Bookstore Mural


  1. This one might be the toughest to find, but we believe in you! Somewhere way up high, (perhaps in a parking ramp), you’ll find this beautiful Sandhill Crane painted by Audrey Doescher. Warning: this comes with an impeccable view of downtown! 

  2. Next time you’re grabbing coffee at Tucknee or dinner at Redeye on Washington Street take another glance in the alley to spot this unique elephant mural, one of that neighborhood’s first murals! 

  3. Upper Third Street in Wausau is full of rad murals. One stand out is spray painted on a garage by Stevens Point Artist, Stephon Freeman, near the Glass Hat. This one was inspired by his daughter and is absolutely worth finding. 

  4. Peer into the eyes of Wausau near 319 Gallery on Fourth Street, catch a glimpse of the city’s beautiful landscape and the Dudley Tower in this piece by Kari Nusziewicz. 


Let us know what you find! Be sure to use the hashtag #  on your art finding endeavors!