Track & Field

Saturday, June 23rd

DC Everest Junior High School
1000 Machmueller St
Weston, WI 54476

Athlete Information:

We apologize but we are not able to offer javelin or hammer throw this year.


Mail/Fax by 6/17/18: $35

Online until 6/21/18: $30

On-Site Registration: $40

Must be registered by 8:30AM Sharp. No exceptions.

Youth Printable Registration Form  |  Adult Printable Registration Form |  Printable Waiver Form All athletes MUST sign the Badger State Games Athlete Waiver online during registration or on the printable registration forms at check-in. Please the form completely out or it will not be accepted.


Open - Ages 19-29
8 & Under born in 2009+
Open - Any athlete wishing to compete at the highest level
9-10 Born in 2007-2008
Sub Masters 30-34
11-12 Born in 2005-2006
Sub Masters 35-39
13-14 Born in 2007-2008
Masters 40-44
15-16 Born in 2001-2002
Masters 45-49
17-18 Born in 1999-2000
Masters 50-54
Athletes must be at least 7 years of age on December 31, 2018 to compete
Masters 55-59
Athletes who are 18 through the final day of the BSG Track & Field Championships are 
Masters 60-64
eligible to compete in the 17-18 age division
Masters 65-69

Masters 70-74

Masters 75-79

Masters 80+

Open is for anyone who wishes to enter at the highest level of competition. Open competitors are not eligible for age group medals.

Please choose either Age Group or Open during the registration process.

Relay teams will be formed onsite. All relay team members must be pre-registered for an individual event.



Athletes from ANY STATES, are welcome to compete, however, only Wisconsin and Illinois residents may qualify through this meet to the  2017 State Games of America, to be held in Kentwood, MI.

State Games of America Eligibility Requirements

General Rules:
USATF sanctioned. Membership is encouraged but not required. Proof of age required at check-in. USATF database will be used to verify birth date. Please bring proof of birth date if date is unverified.

USATF rules, with modifications, USATF membership is not required. All pole vault athletes will be required to weigh-in prior to vaulting. It is strongly recommended that helmets be worn and athlete's weight be consistent with pole rating.

Time limits will be enforced to keep competition moving. Athletes must compete in events during the specified times. No exceptions. All event times are tentative. Times may change based on number of registrations. All hurdle events run as finals against the clock.

Pole Vault: Pole vault athletes are required to use pole rated at or above their weight.  If there is a question, athlete will be asked to weigh in to verify weight and disqualification may be administered if rule not adhered to. 

Please use 1/4 inch pyramid shaped or christmas tree spikes. No pin or needle shaped spikes allowed.

Ages 9-10 & 11-12: Limited to 3 events including relay.
Ages 13-14, 15-16, & 17-18: Limited to 4 events including relay.

ADULTS: Preliminaries and finals on same day. Entrants may enter up to four events. Relay teams must enter in the division of the youngest person. Depending on number of entrants, some preliminaries may be run as finals.

All Divisions: Relay teams must be entered in the division of their oldest person. Relay declaration must be filled out on-site. Athletes interested in participating in a relay must select the relay option during registration.

Individual Events: Athletes must compete in the age division determined by their date of birth (see Divisions tab). See "Event Information" tab for specific information by Division.  Field events are open-pit with a time limit for each age division. Four trials, no finals. Contestants encouraged to supply own implements but they must pass inspection. Discus and Shot equipment available (pole vault poles not provided).

Event Information:

Women's Short Hurdles
Number of Hurdles
To First
To Finish
Open 19-29100m0.840m (33")1013.00m8.50m10.50m
30-39100m0.840m (33")1013.00m8.50m10.50m
40-4980m0.762m (30")812.00m7.00m19.00m
50-5980m0.762m (30")812.00m7.00m19.00m
60 & Up80m0.762m (30")812.00m7.00m19.00m

Men's Short Hurdles
Number of Hurdles
To First
To Finish
Open 19-29110m1.067m (42")1013.72m9.14m14.02m
30-49110m0.991m (39")1013.72m9.14m14.02m
50-59100m0.914m (36")1013.00m8.50m10.50m
60-69100m0.840m (33")1016.00m8.00m12.00m
70-7980m0.762m (30")812.00m7.00m19.00m
80 & Up80m0.686m (27")812.00m7.00m19.00m

Women's Long Hurdles
Number of Hurdles
To First
To Finish
30-49400m0.762m (30")1045m35m40m
50-59300m0.762m (30")750m35m40m
60-69300m0.686m (27")750m35m40m
70+200m0.686m (27")520m35m40m

Men's Field Events

Women's Field Events
75 & Up2kg0.75kg
80 & Up3kg1kg

8 & Under
100m Dash100m Dash100m Dash100m Dash100m Dash100m Dash
200m Dash200m Dash200m Dash200m Dash200m Dash200m Dash
400m Dash400m Dash400m Dash400m Dash400m Dash400m Dash
800m Run800m Run800m Run800m Run800m Run800m Run
4x100m Relay1500m Run1500m Run1500m Run1500m Run1500m Run
Long Jump4x100m Relay3000m Run3000m Run
3000m Run
3000m Run
Shot Put - 2kg4x400m Relay80m Hurdles - 30"4x100m Relay
4x100m Relay
4x100m Relay

Long JumpLong Jump4x400m Relay4x400m Relay4x400m Relay

High JumpPole VaultDiscus - B - 1.6kgDiscus - B - 1.6kg

Shot Put - 6lb100m Hurdles - B - 33"Discus - G - 1kgDiscus - G - 1kg

Discus - 1kg100m Hurdles - G - 30"Shot Put - B - 12lbShot Put - B - 12lb

High JumpShot Put - G - 4kgShot Put - G - 4kg

Long Jump100m Hurdles - B - 39"100m Hurdles - B - 39"

Triple Jump100m Hurdles - G - 33"100m Hurdles - G - 33"

Shot Put - B - 4kg400m Hurdles - B - 36"400m Hurdles - B - 36"

Shot Put - G - 6lb400m Hurdles - G - 30"400m Hurdles - G - 30"

Discus - 1kgHigh JumpHigh Jump

200m Hurdles 30"Pole VaultPole Vault

Long JumpLong Jump

Triple JumpTriple Jump

Spectator Information

For those that want to cheer on our athletes and to see them bring home the gold here are a few tips:

Best place to view the event & how much you can see: All of it.
Seating Available or bring your own chairs: Seating is available.
Admission Fee: 
Carry-ins allowed (food &/or drink): 
Are Signs or Noise makers allowed: Absolutely!


(Subject to change, check this page for future updates.)

Check-in: 7:30 - 8:30 am

Implement weigh-ins: 7:30 - 8:30 am

Start Time:  9:30AM Field Events
                    10:00AM Track Events

Warm Ups:  9:00 am 

Schedule of events to be released at a later date.



Sport Specific Questions: Contact Event Director: Scott Liegl at 715-355-8788 or sliegl@visitwausau.com
Online Registration/Website Questions: Contact the Badger State Games office at 715-355-8788 or info@badgerstategames.org


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