Berlin Time Trials & Race Up Rib Mountain

2020 Berlin Time Trials and Race Up Rib Mountain Results

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**Starting June 22, 2020 medals will be mailed out for anyone that lives 30 miles out of the Wausau area. 

If you do live within the area, you may stop down at the Visitor Center starting June 22nd to pick up your medal.  Please take note that the Visitor Center is only open Monday thru Friday 10am to 4pm.**

Friday - Sunday, June 5th,6th,and 7th, 2020

We are keeping the above race dates, however, because of the Covid-19 Virus and Safer At Home Legislation we have made changes to the event.

The event will now be a self timed race available for three days.  Take a photo using GPS or similar and submit those results electronically to Wisport.   The race will be available from Friday June 5th at noon until Sunday June 7th at 7:00 pm.   

There is only Online Registration.  Registration will close at 7:00 pm. on Sunday June 7th.  

More info is below. If you do have questions you can send an email to info@badgerstategames.org  

-Roads will remain open and no volunteers will be directing traffic.

-Races subject to change/cancellation at any point due to state/national quarantine orders.

-Medals will be awarded for all age group winners.

-50 Wisport points awarded to all participants (thoughts on this Andrea/RJ)?

-There will be no facilities available at the start/finish line.

-Courses will open and marked by noon on Friday and close by 7:00 pm on Sunday.

-Times need to be reported to Andrea at Wisport by the following Wednesday. 

-You can email Andrea at Adurene@hotmail.com

Safe Sports Practices:  www.visitwausau.com/safe-sports-practices 

Course Changes for 2020:

Foot down starts for both races.

Race up Rib Mt TT turns right at the stoplight now.  Go all the way down Hummingbird Rd. to stop lights then go right up Rib Mt.  

Do not turn at Bone and Joint driveway like in past years.  The Race also ends at the tower.  

Berlin TT is also different.  Course # 2.  Right turns with two U turns.

Both courses will be well marked.

Race to the top of Rib Mountain State Park
Race will begin at Quality Inn
2901 Hummingbird Road
Wausau, WI 54401

Race Course Map:  https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/3153255553 

Traditional TT Race
Town of Berlin Hall
11248 Berlin Lane
Athens, WI 54411

Race Course Map:  https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/3154782913 

Youth Race:  https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/3154788481 

Race Director Peter Mahler has offered his cell phone is anyone has trouble or problems while competing at

the Berlin Time Trials this weekend.

He will be available all three days of the event so don't hesitate to call if you have a problem or emergency.   Peter:  715-409-3722

Online Registration ONLY 
Registration open until 7:00 pm Sunday night June 7th, 2020

2020 Berlin TT & Race Up Rib Mt. Results Click Here

2020 Berlin Time Trails and Race Up Rib Mountain Results Click

Athlete Information:

For detailed times please see schedule below.


Online Registration ONLY

Friday Only Race Up Rib Mtn. - $15
Saturday Only Berlin Time Trial - $25
Saturday Youth (19 & Under) - $15

Both Races - $30

Printable Registration Form - All athletes MUST sign the Badger State Games Printable Waiver Form online during registration or on the printable registration forms at check-in. Please the form completely out or it will not be accepted.

Additional Information:

Friday night race will have beverages on the top of Rib Mountain and again at the Quality Inn after the race. If you are driving up Rib Mountain with your vehicle you will need a State Park Sticker - many options are available but the cheapest is a one-hour pass for $5. 

Saturday Youth Race: Starting at 9:00 am at Town of Berlin Hall. 6 Mile (3 miles out and then turn back) flat course. 


(Age determined as of first date of event)

Age Group
Under 14


FRIDAY: Check in is available beginning at 5:00 pm. First racer will go out at 7:00 pm and then every 30 seconds after that. 
SATURDAY: Check in will begin at 8:30 am. First racer will go out at 10:3 0am and then every 30 seconds after that.


  1. Approved helmets must be worn in all events.
  2. Racecourses are open to traffic. All riders must obey all traffic laws and observe the yellow Line rule. Riders who disobey the yellow line rule may be disqualified.
  3. Aero bars are prohibited in all mass start events. Aero bars may be used in time trials only.
  4. Applicants age on July 1 determines racing age category for WiSport points. You can join WiSport at any time, but you are strongly encouraged to sign up prior to the beginning of the season calendar. 
  5. Race courses are open to traffic. All riders must obey all traffic laws and observe the yellow Line rule. Riders who disobey the yellow line rule may be disqualified.
  6. WiSport’s cumulative points scoring system emphasizes participation. Points are given to everyone finishing, based on how they finished within their age category. Age categories for Best of Five in Road Races and Time Trials are listed below. The running total is maintained during the season for each member. Year end awards are given out for each age category, based on total points received for your 5 best race events (Time Trial, Road Race, and/or both), as well as overall participation points.
  7. Age group points for all time trails and road races are given on a declining points system. 50 for first in your age group, 49 for second 48 for third etc.
  8. Overall total series points awards (male and female) are based on a total of all (age category) road race series and time trial points in all events completed.
  9. In the case of ties in any WiSport points competition, a computer generated average percentile score will be used to determine placing.
  10. Members may elect to race a different length race course when a race organizer offers this option. WiSport will treat each distance as a separate event for all points and standings. In some cases, a race organizer may offer different distance options with restrictions based upon age, gender, or other distinctions. You must comply with any such restriction in order to receive WiSport points, except that you may elect to race a course which is longer than the one intended for your age/gender group.
  11. If you race in more than one age group start, you will receive WiSport points for only one of these races unless the separate starts are listed as separate WiSport events. If the race length options are not restricted by age or any other way, a rider may freely choose to race either distance. All the distance options will appear on the website Schedule page as separate events. The schedule page may change from time to time during the season with regard to these optional distances.
  12. Team Points are derived from the top five finishers in age groups at time trials and road races.

Best of 5 Road Races and Time Trials
As of 2015, Wisport will no longer use the Best of 7 structure, requiring a racer who is predominantly a road racer to do time trials and vice versa.

The “Best of” Series will be separated into two individual categories:

  1. Best of Five Road Races
  2. Best of Five Time Trials

WiSport Members are automatically signed up for these two “Best Ofs” when they pay for membership. A member does not need to participate in TTs to be eligible for the RR series, or vice versa. The “Best Ofs” will still be in the already-outlined 5-year age increments

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Sport Specific Questions: Contact Event Director: Peter Mahler by email: mahlerpm@yahoo.com
Online Registration/Website Questions: Contact the Badger State Games office at 715-355-8788 or info@badgerstategames.org
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