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Address: 5651 Meridian Road, Athens, WI 54411
Phone: 715-261-1550
Website: http://www.co.marathon.wi.us/Departments...

Right here in Marathon County is the exact point half-way between the Equator and the North Pole and half-way between Greenwich Meridian and the International Date Line. Granted, there are four hemispheres in the world, but unless you’re going to China or have the time to wander the oceans, your best chance lies 20 minutes west of the Wausau area.

Back in 1963, John Gesicki began researching the invisible point. It took him five years to piece together the correct maps to pinpoint the exact center of the Northwest Hemisphere. By the time the U.S. Geological Survey arrived in 1969, John had the park ready for the marker. Join visitors from all over the world who have found their way to the small community of Poniatowski (Poy-nee-ya-tah-skee)!

To become a full fledge member of the 45x90 Club, sign the Official 45x90 Logbook kept at the Wausau/Central Wisconsin Visitor Center and you’ll receive your very own commemorative medallion.

Directions: From Highway 29, between mile markers 149 and 150, you will see a small informational sign indicating you should turn north onto Cardinal Road. Travel two miles until Cardinal Road ends. There won’t be a sign, but this is County Road U and you should turn left and travel 1.4 miles into the small town of Poniatowski. Turn left at the stop sign (west) and travel .5 miles to the aptly named Meridian Road. Turn right (north) and .3 miles later, you’ll find the entrance to the marker on the right side.

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