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Address: 4200 Park Road, Wausau, WI 54401
Phone: 715-842-2522
Website: http://www.uwmc.uwc.edu/geography/ribmtn...

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One of the oldest rock formations on earth, Rib Mountain stands proudly in the middle of Wausau/Central Wisconsin, offering a place to enjoy nature and wonder at its spectacle. The name “Rib” comes from a combination of the mountain’s history and the area’s Native American heritage. There is evidence that rock formations, estimated to be a billion years old, were at one time submerged below a great inland sea. A great upheaval, caused by tremendous pressures within the earth formed Rib Mountain, as well as other hills in the area.

As the fourth highest peak in Wisconsin, Rib Mountain has a lot to offer visitors. The view is particularly breathtaking from the observation tower, a 60-foot structure that serves as a perch for those who climb its winding stairs high above the tree tops. With 1,500+ acres, the park boasts a well-maintained network of hiking and nature trails throughout the wooded area. The nature trails meander through the park’s rocky outcroppings, offering fun places to climb or sit and enjoy the views. For an overview of the trail system, use the Rib Mountain Summer Recreation Map or Winter Recreation Map for snowshoe opportunities.

The park is also a wonderful place to observe deer, woodchucks and a variety of birds at close range.

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